RUP Design system

RUP Design system

RUP is a Design System library, composed by default in the light theme versions with more symbols.

I am the designer of this Adobe XD & zeroheight library responsible for the creation and symbol libraries for the different versions of the project.

Create components library to be used by all Riseup Designers from different areas and organizations.

2 libraries default and futur library (for test & migration) with exactly the same symbols easy to update and modify.

Started by research, study and understanding the best design system libraries how they work and how they are organized and applying this knowledge new library.

Library structure
Organized symbols with simple structure, easy to use with few levels, similar to Storybook organization.

Reusable Components
Fewer symbols as possible where is possible to alternate in different versions and states to make all needed combinations.

Easy personalize
Symbols library are simple to modify, adjustable, keeping always the correct proportions.

Smart symbols

Symbols are organized by groups, subgroups and families to be more simple to find and use it. Each symbol is possible to alternate in the different states. 



Example of file used in the library

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